Movie prices: 
Newest releases DVD/Blu-Ray $3.50 for 2 days (due by 6pm)
New releases DVD/Blu-Ray $3.50 for 5 days
DVD & Blu-Ray Catalog (Library Films) $2.50 for 7 days
Family & Children’s Movies $1.50 for 7 days

Game prices: 
$4.00 for 5 days (Extra day 75 cents per day)

Reservation policy:
Reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance on up to 3 items. Reservations will only be taken on products that are currently in release. You may pick up your reserved movies in our drive thru or at the counter. If the product you have reserved is not in yet, we will call you when it is.

All rentals are due by 6 pm on the due date in order to honor our reserves.

See store for details on extra day fees.

Punch Cards:
We offer “punch cards” to our customers. The minimum to get a punch on the card is $2.00. This applies to our coffee as well as our movies. Some specials can be excluded from our punch card program. See store for details.

We reserve the right to determine the value we place on the cards and what they can be redeemed for. We strive to run as many specials and be as generous with our valued customers as possible while still remaining profitable.

Thank you for helping us be here for our community for more than 30 years! Here’s to 30 more!